PT. Simed Prakarsa Indonesia has established in 1982 and distribute water heater of famous brands:

1. SOLAHART water heater
2. HANDAL water heater
3. RAYPAK pool water heater
4. HANDAL water filter

In 2009, the Company introduced Heatpump water heater to Indonesia.

In 2012, the Company introduced independent new brand of heatpump water heater  “HiCOP” with excellent quality and best price. The Company devotes to specialize in distributing energy-efficient heat pump and hot water unit, mainly for guesthouses, hotels, schools, offices, factories, hospitals and villas all over Indonesia, to provide energy-saving central heating and hot water systems solutions, of which rate can be 75% or higher.

In 2014, HiCOP introduced High Temperature Heat Pump to substitute boilers for industries. With High Coefficient of Performance (Hi COP), this unit more efficient and environmentally friendly.   HiCOP also introduced commercial tank (pressure and open tank)  with high quality material.

In 2015, HiCOP introduced Solar Cell System  (PV). Today, thousands of people power their homes and businesses with individual solar PV systems.

As  leader in heat pump water heater, our technologies included products design, energy saving and high productivity products development, we have excellent experience, passionate work force and strong after sales service which make possible to provide the highest level of service and speedy response to market demand. Our product go through strict international regulation test and our quality control process to ensure the high standard of quality before delivery.

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